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Today I have another amazing Mama In Charge joining us here at LBL. If you missed the last post {read it here} I started a series called… you guessed it, “Mama’s In Charge”. Not only are we responsible for our family + children, these mama’s are in charge of their future, their careers, and their own happiness. I’m inspired by them and I think you will be too.

So enough chit-chat, here’s our newest Mama In Charge!


Hi Tamrin! I’m excited to have you as one of our beautiful “Mama’s In Charge”. Why don’t you introduce yourself!

Hey! My name is Tamrin, I’m an up-and-coming floral designer out of the North Shore of O’ahu! I’m just your average stay-at-home mom trying to take over the floral world, and taking my two energetic kids along for the ride!

photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


How did you get into creating your floral masterpieces? They’re stunning and so creative!

The first lei po’o I made was at a bridal shower last year. I thought they were so cute and I kept wanting to make more [so I could] take pictures of my daughter [wearing] them. So every week I’d pick stuff around the neighborhood and make one, and eventually people asked me if they could buy them. A few months later, someone had asked me to make them a matching bouquet for her wedding. After I dipped my toes into wedding florals, that was it, I was HOOKED. I never want to have any other job, ever, for the rest of my life. Unless it pays $1,000 an hour.


photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


What gave you the courage to take your business full-time?

Definitely my daughter. I was going through postpartum depression, and having to leave her every morning made it so much worse. I would sit at work and make my leis during my lunch break and would think to myself, “I’ve got to make this work somehow.” I asked my boyfriend if I could quit my job and focus on turning it into a real business since he’d have to catch all the bills for a while LOL. So I did! And it is crazy what a few months of focus can do for your life!

Oh my gosh, so you recently had your first master class. Congratulations, that’s so exciting! Tell me all about it: was it what you expected? Do you feel super accomplished? I know you even had sponsors! Give me allll the details.

Thank you!! I felt super accomplished after Seeing everyone’s post of how much fun they had. I get really bad anxiety after I do stuff like that because in the back of my head I’m always like “Did they hate it?? Were they bored?? Was it not what they expected??” But they loved it! Thank God. It was a super cool experience. I feel like I had the perfect girls for my first class run by myself! Everyone had so much fun and vibed perfectly together. It definitely wasn’t what I expected (I may or may not had one too many mimosas). But everyone did great and their lei poʻo came out so so good. I had a super cute peacock chair for the girls to take pictures in (courtesy of Ambient Rentals) and we even had Ina there taking professional pictures of everyone! I also had a bunch of amazing sponsors for the best raffle E V E R. Esther Claire came through with the best hair care basket I’ve ever seen, Lash Label because, duh, best lashes in the world, a bikini from Hali’a and Jade, an UBAE Hawai’i gift card, and a weeks worth of free meals from Prepping Mama. I think almost everyone won something! It literally would not have been the same without them so shout out to all my sponsors!

photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


That seriously sounds like it was such a success! I’ve been seeing your business gaining a lot of traction online. How has social media helped your business and is there anything in particular that you think helps in the success of your business when it comes to your online presence?

I think true transparency. I’ve always been really open about my life on social media, from wins and taking many, many L’s. I think people like that. They know that I don’t front a perfect life like so many people do. We all struggle. I’m just out here making fun of my own struggles and I think people relate. I’ve had people order from me just because they follow me on social media and think that I’m “funny” or “relatable”. If it wasn’t for social media I would definitely not have as many customers as I do now. Twitter has had a huge impact on my business, but I’m now trying to transition into becoming a business that can still thrive without social media presence. But in this day and age, I think social media can make or break a business so it’s also okay to rely on it for advertising and business building. Older people are always telling me “you’re always on your damn phone.” But without it I wouldn’t have a business… so back up baby boomers, the millenials and their damn phones are taking over.


Yessssss, girl! I love it. So you recently had your baby boy, congratulations! I know this is your second time going through the postpartum experience, but I love asking all my moms this: what’s something you wish you could tell yourself when you first became a mother?

That it is OKAY to let someone watch your baby while you shower, or go to the store, or take just 10 minutes for yourself. As a new mom, I wanted to be with my baby 24/7, but if you’re exhausted- and smelly- you definitely can’t be the best mom you can be. Self care is so, so important.


photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


How has the transition been going from having one child to two and what do you feel has been the most challenging so far?

The fact that all my flowers can no longer fit in my shopping cart. Just kidding! Honestly, my daughter is the best big sister I could have asked for. She’s always so helpful with her brother. She understands that he’s a baby and needs more attention sometimes. The most challenging is just getting them both in and out of the car! Trust me when I say, the struggle is R E A L. Other than that, it’s much easier than I thought it would be, but give me a few months I may change my mind!

photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


As Lauryn Evarts-Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential asks her guests, I’ll ask you: what does your morning routine look like? Are there any non-negotiables on in that routine that you must do to get your day started on a positive note? Give us the tea!

My morning routine never looks the same. Sometimes my day starts at 4am and sometimes it starts at 10am. But every morning my daughter and I will sing a song before we get out of bed and it really makes a difference! It’s so easy to roll out of bed and be tired and cranky. Sometimes we have to take a step back and reflect on how lucky we truly are. Just being able to wake up every morning is a blessing in itself! So seeing my kid happy and singing in the morning really puts that into perspective…until she gets too loud and wild and I have to tell her to tone it down lol

Lmao, she is such a character! I love how intentional you are with your morning and making sure you start it on a note of happiness and gratitude! Is there anything else you’d like to add? Anything you think is valuable for LBL readers to know, whether it’s about business, life, love, motherhood, etc.?

If you’re trying to start a business, just do it. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner! If you don’t think you have what it takes, just know that you do. The best advice I can give to anyone is to really just focus on your business, give yourself 5 months of undivided attention and energy toward building a business and you won’t believe how far you can go! A few months really can realign your entire life for the better, but you have to be willing to put in the work. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. And always challenge yourself to exceed your own expectations.

And to all my mama’s out there, just know that you are a complete bad ass. No matter if you have it all together, or you don’t, if you’re a stay at home mom, or werkin’ a 9-5, breastfeeding mama or bottlefeeding, you are all so freaking amazing, so strong, so selfless, and so appreciated.

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photo by @valerieinaaa on Instagram


Okay, that has me tearing up. So, so true and important to put out there! Thank you so much for giving us a peek into your life, your family and ever growing business. Drop your social handles so everyone can give you a follow!

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