Hi hi! It’s me. Laurena.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here and I apologize.

Today I’m going to get raw and real with you on why I haven’t posted much.

So to jump right into it and get totally honest and a bit vulnerable, I haven’t been blogging much on here because I felt like what I was trying to put out wasn’t good enough. If you’ve ever looked into starting a blog, “they” { the internet } tells you that each post should be x amount of words long, you need to be a master at SEO, your photos need to be eye-catching and hella professional, you need to be an expert in your niche and add this amazing value to your viewers. It was exhausting. I was overwhelmed.

I felt like each blog post that I put out needed to be the best work I’ve ever done, with the most beautiful, well-lit, on-brand, stunning photos of life. I wanted to put out content that people would want to read, come back to, and share with all of their friends. I wanted to inspire others and light a fire within their hearts and minds to do what they’ve already dreamt of doing. But…

I felt discouraged to say the least.

I thought to myself, “maybe this blogging thing isn’t for me?”, “maybe I’m not interesting enough”, “maybe I’m not knowledgeable enough in any particular niche for anyone to really care about what I’m saying”.

But time after time, I kept discovering and experiencing things that I wanted so badly to share with you all ~ sometimes big, sometimes small. I knew the flame within me was still burning. I knew that I wanted to continue sharing my thoughts, experiences, and now, pregnancy + motherhood journey with you all.

But how? The pressure of constantly coming up with exciting content, amazing photos, and expert knowledge was still a dark cloud over my flame of inspiration.

But here I am. Today I’m posting because I told myself that I don’t need all of the fluff to really resonate with someone. Does it help? Yes. Will it help to grow my blog and brand? Of course.

However, right now my focus isn’t on gaining more followers and viewers or becoming the next big “girl boss blogger”. With this blog, my focus is on reaching the amazing, beautiful people who already support me and providing content that enriches and inspires your life. My focus is on creating a space where I { first and foremost } feel comfortable and confident sharing my life with you all.

That’s my priority.

Will I put my all into each blog post I write? Definitely. Will there be beautiful photos and  carefully curated content as well? For sure. But I’m not allowing the pressure of NEEDING to have all these things { and then some } to stop me from getting on here and simply sharing what’s on my heart with you all.

I hope that you stick around and continue to be a part of this family whether or not my posts have hella views and stunning pics. I hope that my words can help make a positive difference in your life.

On top of sharing my life and my experiences, I would also love to hear what you want to see from me and this blog { + youtube + instagram }. If you want me to go over any particular topics { relationships, mamahood, business, makeup, skincare, anything! } feel free to leave your requests in either the comments below or on my Instagram! I really do love hearing from you all.

That’s going to be it for today. No fluff. No photos. Just real, raw, honest vulnerability.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you.

See ya in the next one ~