Who loves a good beach day? I know I do. Gorgeous skies. Warm sand. Cool ocean water. Absolute peace (besides knowing how damaging the sun is to our skin!!!!! But we’ll ignore that..for now)

Living in Hawai’i, I should probably go to the beach more than I do but as small as our island of Oahu is, it’s still about 45 minutes away for me. BTW, for us, that’s far.

When I do hit the beach, I always bring way more than I’ll ever need (per usual), but there are a few items that I ALWAYS bring with me.

So even before sunscreen (we’ll def get to that), I  N E V E R  leave the house without a huge jug of water, especially if I’m going to the beach.

These days, I’ve been loving my 40oz black or purple HydroFlask with hella ice. STAY HYDRATED. That should be my motto.

You know what’s next. That’s right: SUNSCREEN. I clearly wasn’t there in the 70’s when everyone would lay out with literal baby oil all over their body in desperate hopes of being the tannest bitch on the block. Thank god. As much as I had my young years of also wanting to have a nice tan (who doesn’t??), I was born in the generation where people already started to discover how HORRENDOUS the sun is for the skin.

That being said, DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN.

Side note: I’m still trying to find a holy grail everyday sunscreen to wear under my makeup. So pleaseeee leave your suggestions in the comments! <3

Up next, not as crucial as water or sunscreen, but still a necessity for me: a blanket/towel and headphones!

I’m not a huge fan of just sitting on the sand (tommy does this??), so I always have a blanket or a throw with me. Why I bring a towel is pretty self explanatory- need I say more?

Headphones are an absolute must for me. Whether I’m at the beach with friendzies or alone (YES, alone. Haven’t tried it? You need to. So peaceful) I always bring headphones. Looking out onto the horizon with your favorite beach playlist? SERENITY.

This wouldn’t be a proper Love By Laur post if I didn’t talk about even more products that help to keep you hydrated, right??

The last (but def not least) two must haves for any beach day are: lip balm + leave in conditioner.

I feel that lips and hair are so under talked about when it comes to hydration. The sun + the salty ocean water will dehydrate the crap out of your lips and hair, so make sure you’re packing a leave in conditioner/hydrating hair mask and a lip balm with you!

My current favorite lip balm to bring with me is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. The fact that it’s in a tube is fab! Stick lip balms run the risk of it sitting in your bag and melting in the sun! NO. THANK YOU.

The hair mask that I use at the beach (and regularly when washing my hair) is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – Moist deep conditioner. Besides it being a great hair mask, it’s only THREE BUCKS. C’mon.

Like I said earlier, I always bring way more than I’ll ever need – usually anywhere. But these are the absolute must haves when I’m heading to the beach!

As always, tell me in the comments what you NEED to bring with you to the beach. Or let me know what your fave lip balm + hair mask is. I’m always wanting to try something new!

See ya on the flip side,