HellooOoOo all my Boss Babes! I’m back with another blog post for you all, and today we’re talking about my FAVORITE products to achieve a gorgeous healthy, dewy skin look! Matte skin was trending for awhile, years ago, but now the glow-y, dewy, highlighted skin trend has brands producing products like crazy. I’m definitely not complaining! As a gal with dehydrated skin (and the occasional eczema break out), I’ve always loved dewy skin because it made my skin look healthy and glow-y, when it was actually dehydrated. But don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to have extreme dry skin to enjoy this world-wide trend! You beauties with oily/combo skin can definitely get with the trend- just in moderation, or not!

I’ve included products that begin at skincare all the way to finishing sprays! I go into detail about why I love these particular products and how I personally use them! ENJOY! ♡



♡ Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

This face cream is EVERYTHING! There’s a reason it’s called the DEEP HYDRATION Face Cream, y’all. It’s not a heavy or thick cream- which I always thought I needed since I have very dry skin. I was so wrong! This face cream hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling plump and so soft. Properly prepping the skin is crucial in how your makeup looks and lasts throughout the day. Have you heard the phrase, “Glow From Within”? Properly prepping your skin will give it a true glow from within look, like you’re a goddess- who doesn’t want that??




♡ Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Radiance

This primer allows you to get a beautiful radiance with or without foundation! But it is a foundation primer, so when using a foundation over this Radiance Primer, your makeup will last longer, and be less likely to sink into your pores. If you want a beautiful, yet subtle glow, this is for you!



♡ NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

This has been one of my favorite foundations since I was in high school! It’s called “Sheer Glow” but it’s definitely build-able if you choose to do so. I find that this foundation gives my skin a really smooth look with a stunning luminous finish! Setting this liquid foundation with a foundation powder will give it a bit more of a matte effect while setting it with a translucent powder will allow it to stay a little more true to its “glow” finish in my experience.



♡ MARC JACOBS Dew Drop Coconut Gel Highlighter

Now we’re hitting some of my all time favorite products for glowy skin!! This Marc Jacobs Gel Highlighter was sold out for MONTHS! I searched high and low and I could not get my hands on it for awhile. But finally I picked it up and it definitely lived up to its hype. If you use an extremely small amount, you might be able to get a “natural” glow, but this product is especially for those of you who want a glow for the gods!

♡ Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Glow – Perla

This Liquid Glow comes in four different shades, but I picked up the shade Perla because it suited my skin tone the best. This is another product that will have heads turning! A little of this goes a very long way, but one this is for sure- you will be turning heads! Yes girl!

♡ TrèStique Highlight and Perfect Multipurpose Stick

I picked this up on a whim. I was going into Sephora to grab the previously mentioned Marc Jacobs Dew Drops, but of course, that was sold out. I was determined to leave with a highlighter, so I found this one. I’ve never been the biggest fan of stick highlighters, but I wanted to give it a try. Turns out, I LOVE STICK HIGHLIGHTERS! Lol But, the trick is to use your fingers to apply stick highlighters. Rubbing the highlighting stick with your finger and then tapping that glow onto your skin will allow the warmth of your fingertips to really blend the product in. Going in with the stick straight to your foundation/skin might break up the foundation or actually wipe it away.


♡ Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow

Words cannot describe how much I love this product by Charlotte Tilbury. I find myself using the bronzing powder a little more often than I use the highlighting powder (because I mean, look how many highlighting products I love!) Both these powders make you look as if you recently stepped off the plane from a tropical vacation! GORGEOUS!


♡ Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Bronze – Highlight 01

I have a small travel sized version of this from a holiday set that I keep in my purse. Really. If I’m not using this highlighter on my cheek bones, I definitely have it on my inner corners of my eyes and highlighting my brow bone. It’s just a beautiful highlighter that truly grabs attention in the best way possible! Using this on my cheek bones, but wetting my brush first- OH LORD. Try it, you’ll thank me later!



♡ Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

For awhile, I felt like I was mainly seeing a ton of mattifying, long-lasting, and oil-controlling setting sprays on the market. I truly appreciated this Dewy Skin Mist because I was the girl that didn’t need mattifying or oil-controlling sprays. Ya girl needed more hydration! But be careful, make sure to only give yourself one to three spritz with this one if you’re going for a beautiful dewy look. Spraying too much of this can make you look like a ball of grease. But I mean, if you’re into that then go ham!


♡ Lilah b. Aglow Face Mist

Aw, this face mist. This has been a more recent find. I didn’t hear of this brand before I heard Jaclyn Hill talking about it in a favorites video of hers. Then one day I saw it in Sephora and freaked out! Sephora has been really awesome in bringing in new brands for us all to try and fall in love this. For this one, I mainly focus the product on the left and right cheek bone/temple area. This is where I usually highlight anyways, so it helps enhance what I already have going on. I rarely ever spray this in the center of my face because that’s where natural oils usually appear throughout the day. I find that I can use a bit more a this one (versus the Tatcha one) before I get to a “greasy” look. But I’d say with all luminous sprays, be on the safer side and keep it to one to three sprays!

Alrightly, my dears. That’s it for now! Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your all time favorite products that give you luminous skin? Sound off in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can always be alerted when there’s a new blog post and maybe even get super top secret, exclusive coupon codes, OR FREE STUFF 😉

Xo, Laurena