Lash Extension Q+A ♡

Hey babes! Welcome to today’s blog post. We are talking lash extensions. Semi permanent, silk fibers, glued to your natural eye lash. It is definitely 2018! I got lash extensions once about a year or so ago before a vacation. I wanted extensions to shorten the time it would’ve taken me to get ready in […]

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Weird Things I Didn’t Know About Pregnancy!

Helloooo my loves! It has been a hot ass minute since I’ve put up a blog post and lemme tell ya – I’ve got a good reason! Maybe. I’M PREGNANT! And boy, oh boy ; ) has it been a rough one. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve LOST over 20 pounds during […]



Hi babes. Let’s get right to the point: SKIN IS IN! Words from the actual queen herself, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, of The Skinny Confidential. Whether you’re a makeup junkie or skincare obsessed, you must know that taking care of your skin is the beginning of….just everything. You want glowy, dewy, clear skin so you don’t […]

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How Summer Fridays Is Changing My Skincare Game

HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY <3 Today I’ve got a highly requested one for ya. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Boom. For those who follow me on Instagram ( if ya don’t… um hello? hi! @lovebylaur 😉 ) you’d know that I purchased this when it first came out….awhile ago. I wanted to give you a genuine […]

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What I’ve Learned In Our Three Years Of Dating ♡

What is up beauty babes?? Hope you’re having your best day yet! Today we’re diving a little deeper than just makeup + skincare ~ however, still very important ; ) We’re going to get a little personal and a little vulnerable today. Not because it’s easy, but because if you know me personally, then you know just […]