How Summer Fridays Is Changing My Skincare Game

HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY <3 Today I’ve got a highly requested one for ya. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Boom. For those who follow me on Instagram ( if ya don’t… um hello? hi! @lovebylaur 😉 ) you’d know that I purchased this when it first came out….awhile ago. I wanted to give you a genuine […]

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What I’ve Learned In Our Three Years Of Dating ♡

What is up beauty babes?? Hope you’re having your best day yet! Today we’re diving a little deeper than just makeup + skincare ~ however, still very important ; ) We’re going to get a little personal and a little vulnerable today. Not because it’s easy, but because if you know me personally, then you know just […]


The Lippie That Never Leaves My Makeup Bag ♡

What is up beauty babes?! I have MISSED. YOU. ALL. I’m currently writing this on my quick 25 minute flight to Maui! I got hired to do hair and makeup for an engagement shoot on the gorgeous island of Maui, Hawaii. But it does involve the WHOLE airport security, TSA, removing your shoes situation *rolls […]

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Hi, I’m Your New IGK Hair SEC ♡

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: what the hell is an SEC? Maybe even: what is IGK? Well, first off, IGK Hair is a hair care brand that was created by four super cool dudes who run their salons in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. They have worked Fashion Week shows all over […]

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Beach Day Must Haves ♡

Who loves a good beach day? I know I do. Gorgeous skies. Warm sand. Cool ocean water. Absolute peace (besides knowing how damaging the sun is to our skin!!!!! But we’ll ignore that..for now) Living in Hawai’i, I should probably go to the beach more than I do but as small as our island of […]

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