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Mama’s In Charge: Tamrin of Summer Reign Floral

mother and baby sitting on shore with beautiful florals

Hellooooo again! Today I have another amazing Mama In Charge joining us here at LBL. If you missed the last post {read it here} I started a series called… you guessed it, “Mama’s In Charge”. Not only are we responsible for our family + children, these mama’s are in charge of their future, their careers, […]

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A Very Honest Update

Hi hi! It’s me. Laurena. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here and I apologize. Today I’m going to get raw and real with you on why I haven’t posted much. So to jump right into it and get totally honest and a bit vulnerable, I haven’t been blogging much on here because […]


Lash Extension Q+A ♡

Hey babes! Welcome to today’s blog post. We are talking lash extensions. Semi permanent, silk fibers, glued to your natural eye lash. It is definitely 2018! I got lash extensions once about a year or so ago before a vacation. I wanted extensions to shorten the time it would’ve taken me to get ready in […]

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Hi, I’m Your New IGK Hair SEC ♡

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: what the hell is an SEC? Maybe even: what is IGK? Well, first off, IGK Hair is a hair care brand that was created by four super cool dudes who run their salons in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. They have worked Fashion Week shows all over […]

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