Hey babes!

Welcome to today’s blog post. We are talking lash extensions. Semi permanent, silk fibers, glued to your natural eye lash. It is definitely 2018!

I got lash extensions once about a year or so ago before a vacation. I wanted extensions to shorten the time it would’ve taken me to get ready in the morning while on vaca and it was a total time saver – plus I looked cute 24/7! LOL.

Fast forward to this year. If you didn’t know, I am pregnant! Also if you didn’t know, I make vlogs/beauty vids over on my youtube channel { search: laurenax }. I knew I wanted to vlog my labor and delivery but I obviously don’t know how my L+D will go… since it, you know.. didn’t happen yet.

Would I have time to do a quick makeup look? Will I be a complete mess? { prob! }

So since there were so many unknowns, I decided I wanted to get lash extensions to ensure that I would at least look half cute no matter if I have the time to do my brows and over-line my lips or not – while obviously, first and foremost, caring about the health, safety, and wellbeing of my son!

You beautiful people over on Instagram had so many questions about my lash extensions and where I got them done that I figured I would write a blog post AND vlog about it. So I asked my lash tech { & good friend }, Haunani, if she was willing to answer several questions you all had!

So read on as Haunani drops some lash extension info and don’t forget to also check out the vlog on my youtube channel where I take you along with me to get my lashes filled!

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Laurena: What got you interested in lash extensions and how long have you been doing them?

Haunani: The owner of the salon I work in (Beauty & the Brow) and I have been great friends and beauty industry colleagues for about nine years. When she opened up her salon, she really wanted me to work with her and she and I have been doing Permanent Eyebrow cosmetics for a little over two years together. She has been doing lashes off and on for about 6 years now and is truly amazing. She has always encouraged me to learn the trade, so I was her first lash student in June of 2017, and I have been lashing ever since.


Laurena: Who are candidates for lash extensions? Can individuals who tend to rub their eyes get them?

Haunani: Everyone who has eyelashes can be a candidate for lash extentions! However, I would advise everyone to get a consultation before a full lash service. Especially anyone who has easily irritated eyes, or any extreme eye product irritations. There are many different lash lengths, curls, styles, and designs that cater to a lot of different eyelash textures and types. Clients who rub their eyes often are able to get lash extensions as well, but they would probably need a relash more often than the norm.
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Laurena: How long do lash extensions last? Will I have to come in often to get them filled?

Haunani: A brand new set of lashes can last about a full 3 weeks. Everyone has a certain lash shedding cycle (along with our eyebrows and head hair) so everyone’s need for a re-lash can vary. I do relashes for my clients usually at 3 weeks. They should have 50% lash retention, otherwise I would recommend them to come in every 2 weeks.

Laurena: Will wearing eye makeup (shadow, liner, mascara) affect how long my lash extensions last?

Haunani: Yes, any eye makeup will affect the longevity of your lash extensions. I do not recommend using mascara and eyeliner while having lash extensions. Eyeshadow is okay, I would just recommend using a oil-free eyeshadow base to avoid oil gathering on the lash line which will loosen the lash adhesive.
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Laurena: What products do you recommend using when having lash extensions?

Haunani: As for products, I would recommend using an oil free eye makeup remover, baby shampoo or lash cleanser, and a clean mascara wand. Oil based products will breakdown the lash adhesive, so oil free is better to use. To keep your lashes super squeaky clean, use a lash cleanser or baby shampoo to thoroughly was your lashes everyday to avoid infections. Lastly after washing, gently pat your lashes dry and always remember to comb them through with a mascara wand to fluff your lashes back to normal.

Laurena: Will lash extensions make my natural lashes fall out quicker or become more thin?

Haunani: As long as you have a reputable lash technician with great quality products and great lash placement technique, you shouldn’t have any lash thinning or abnormal lash shedding. The normal shedding time for lash extensions is 3-6 lash sheds a day. The normal person will have 250-300 lashes per eye, so we have lots to shed and regrow.
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Laurena: Do you recommend lash extensions for everyday use or for special events/vacations only?

Haunani: I recommend you have lash extensions all the time! They’re great for saving time and money in your daily makeup routine, especially vacations, and special events!

Laurena: When receiving lash extensions from you, will I be able to choose how natural or dramatic they are and the length they will be?

Haunani: Yes! When you come in to see me, I will consult with you on your lash extension choice and talk about thickness, fullness, lifestyle, lash styles and length to compliment your eyes and makeup preference.

Laurena: How can people find you and book with you? Drop your social media info!

Haunani: You can find me at Beauty & the Brow HI located in Pearl City, HI. My schedule is pretty flexible and you are able to book with me through text { head to Instagram for her number } and also my portfolio Instagram: @beautybyhaunani
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Alrighty y’all! That’s it. Did this excite you? Do you want to get lash extensions now?
Facetune_19-10-2018-16-33-12 2
I like a good amount of volume { bc drama, duh } but also throw in some wispiness – bc they add the perfect amount of flirty-ness. If you’re into this look, you definitely need to contact Haunani to book your appointment and tell her you want the Love By Laur special! You will not regret it.
I mean, C’mon. They’re gorgeous.
Anyways, I’m out. I actually need to run out the door and head to Haunani’s for a lash touch up! Hope you enjoyed this one ♡ Let me know if there are any other artists/stylists that you want me to interview + vlog with/about!
Until next time xx