Helloooo my loves!

It has been a hot ass minute since I’ve put up a blog post and lemme tell ya – I’ve got a good reason! Maybe.



And boy, oh boy ; ) has it been a rough one. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve LOST over 20 pounds during this pregnancy, I’ve been in the hospital about three times, and it has yet to get better.

I bet you’re thinking, “it’ll get better after the first trimester!”. GIRLL, If I had a dollar for every time I heard that line…….I’m HALF WAY THROUGH my entire pregnancy. Ugh.

Anyways. I didn’t come here to complain. Not really, anyways.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant ( in the hospital! But def a story for another time ), I told myself that I would be very open and honest about this journey. We announced our pregnancy earlier than suggested, but that’s because Tommy and I agreed that no matter where this pregnancy journey took us, we would be transparent about everything.

I knew I wanted to continue the conversation of the struggles women face during pregnancy – whether it be a loss of the baby, or the struggles we go through in the process to meet our little love.


I’m beyond grateful that so far, my baby has been nothing but healthy despite mama’s struggle with all-day sickness, extreme nausea, dizziness, and vomiting, among other things.

However, I knew about all of those symptoms. Didn’t think they’d be as bad as they are… but I knew about them.

Today we’re talking about the shit ( literally ) that I DID NOT know about. I’m not sure if it’s because simply no one told ( or WARNED ) me about them, or if it falls more under the stigma that women can’t or shouldn’t “complain” about the struggles of being pregnant. Either way, we’re talking about them today!

So if you don’t want to hear about nipples, or pooping – this post ain’t for you! However, if you can handle the truth, keep reading ; )



Oh my good lord. This one’s bad. I’m not one to really talk about when I use the restroom, but WHOA. The severity of my constipation deserves to be talked about. Between all the raging hormones in my body to the iron-filled prenatal vitamins that I take, I’ve never experienced such difficulties when trying to use the bathroom.

Thank goodness I got some advice on how to naturally help this….issue, so I didn’t have to get prescribed even MORE medication than I was already on ( to help with my all-day sickness ). What’s the solution you ask? PRUNE JUICE. Straight prune juice. I’ll drink about 3/4 cup of this stuff and within an hour or two, ya girl is back to normal! I only drink this 2-3 times a week and it helps with being a bit more normal when it comes to using the bathroom!



Okay, what the heck with this one. I’ve heard of nipples leaking later on in pregnancy ( I have yet to experience this, if you were wondering lol ). But the severity of itchiness that I’ve experienced – specifically my nipples have been WILD. Like, hand in bra while in public scratching because I just cannot help it. I know, where are my manners. But UGH. I’ve literally scratched them to the point of them being raw and bleeding. W T F, right?

So far, the only thing that has helped is slathering my boobs in oil or Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lotion. This leads me to believe that the itchiness came from my tatas being dry from the freaking hormones as well and my boobs growing ( yay! ). Speaking of dry skin, that brings us to our next point.



So I know that my nipple itchiness is most likely due to the extreme dryness of my skin during pregnancy. But it truly needed it’s own category because it was THAT BAD guys. Seriously.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’ve had and suffered from eczema my entire life. The whole thing. It’s not fun. Little did I know that for some women ( AKA ME ), pregnancy can make your skin EVEN MORE DRY. Like, great. That’s awesome. Exactly what I needed.

I’ve never really had eczema on my face before I became pregnant. But now? It’s EVERYWHERE. My entire face is red, itchy, textured, and painful. : (

So far, the only thing that has been really helping my face eczema is the Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Formula cream twice a day. For my body eczema, I’ve been using Cetaphil Pro Resor-a-Derm Dry Skin Moisturizer allllll over my body after I shower and in the morning. I also use the previously mentioned Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula lotion and avocado oil on my belly, boobs, and booty to keep hydrated and prevent cracked skin and stretch marks.


I’m already half way through my pregnancy and these are a few of the bizarre pregnancy symptoms that I didn’t know about but experienced! I pray that my all-day sickness and weight loss start to get better and this lil babe of mine continues to grow and stays as healthy as can be!

I’m obviously so blessed and truly excited to be on this pregnancy journey and get closer and closer to meeting my lil babe! But let’s be real- this shit isn’t easy.

Have you experienced any of these pregnancy symptoms or other weird ones? Tell me in the comments and let’s talk over there! Please tell me that I am not alone in this misery of awful pregnancy symptoms.

That’s it for today! Love ya!